Sierra Nevada

Southern Spain for snow lovers

Bullfighting, sunshine, flowing sangria and flamenco. Those are the images that flash through your mind when you hear Spain, right? Well, bare with us for a second while we tell you that’s not all (nor even close!) to what Spain has got to offer. In fact the things we’ll be talking about here include skis, snowboards, ice skates, high snowy mountains and complete family fun.


We’re talking about Sierra Nevada, which translates to “snowy range” in English. The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range that spreads through the Spanish provinces of both Granada and Almeria and boasts the highest mountain peak in all of Spain –  it’s called Mulhacén  and reaches 3,487 meters above sea level. We’re talking about how Spaniards flock to the mountains in winter for some sunny action on the slopes. We’re talking about how families of all sizes and ages escape to Sierra Nevada to have fun and spend time together. We’re talking about why going there is a great idea for you and all of the things to do in Sierra Nevada.


The Sierra Nevada, which is actually one of the largest paces to ski in Southern Europe, is a unique destination while visiting Spain, and if you’re coming to Spain in the winter, it’s not only a unique destination but a perfect one, too.  With over 105 kilometers of ski trails of all different levels, there are so many things to do in Sierra Nevada. If you’ve got seasoned skiers and snowboarders in your group, fear not – the Sierra Nevada provides difficult slopes and twisty turns. If you’ve got true beginners in your group, don’t worry – there are various classes and training sessions available, and it won’t be long before they are confidently winding their way down the slopes, too



Skiing and snowboarding aren’t for everyone, but luckily there’s more to this stunning mountain range than just that. There are so many things to do in Sierra Nevada that your family might just have a hard time keeping up with everything. Take your children on a snowmobile ride, go for a little walk with snowrackets attached snugly to your feet, or even try out the toboggans and sleds they’ve got there. Of course vacationing in the mountains in this winter wonderland wouldn’t be quite the same without a little ice skating, which you can do on the ice rink located near the Mirlo Blanco recreation area, where you’ll find even more fun activities for your family.

You can count on Andalucía Inside to help you with all of your Sierra Nevada travel arrangements. It’s our specialty to tailor each person and group’s visit to Southern Spain, and the Sierra Nevada is no exception to that. Let us help you plan a romantic dinner up at the highest point in Spain, arrange a visit to the nearby city of Granada, set you up with an impressive ski instructor or guide you through a night-time route of the stunning slopes of the Sierra Nevada. The possibilities are simply endless, so don’t wait a second more to contact us today about your pending trip to Sierra Nevada.