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Activities in Southern Spain

The most exclusive experiences in Andalucia . Exclusive.Intimate.Unforgettable



La Feria de Abril in Seville is a grand festival with the humblest of roots. What began as just a simple livestock fair in 1847 has now turned into a weeklong party filled with some of Seville’s liveliest traditions. We’re talking dancing Sevillanas, bullfights, exquisite horse-drawn carriages, beautifully bright flamenco dresses, incredible lights. We’re talking about tradition. Wander your way through the fair, soaking up the livelihood and take in the amazingly dressed locals. La Feria de Abril is a must-see spectacle while visiting Seville

Wine Tasting

Spain has some of the best wines in the world. Discover the world of Spanish wine with winemakers that keep the traditions generation after generation. Our tours will give you an insider’s perspective of Spain’s culture of wine.
Exclusive tours of the cellars, pairings with fresh Spanish produce, or watching a flamenco performance while enjoying delicious wine in a traditional vineyard are some of the activities that can be arranged in our exclusive tours and day trips.

Private Flamenco Experience

When you visit Spain,you want it to be memorable.You want it to be fun,you want it to be personal and fun,yest truly authentic.You want to see a flamenco show,up-close and personal,but you want to avoid the touristy-laden crowds.That´s where  Andalucia Inside comes in.Choose us,and choose our flamenco show option,and we´ll lead you to an incredible experience you won´t find anywhere else.

Market Tours – Local Flavor

Where do Spaniards buy their fresh produce, meats and fish? Immerse yourself in a world of colors and flavors through Southern Spain’s most authentic food markets. Local noise, away from the tourist crowds, engage with local vendors, touch, taste, hear, a feast for the senses where you will pair Spain’s wines with the best local food. Our exclusive guided tour will also introduce you to Andalucia’s best kept culinary secrets.

Horseback Riding

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with a warm breeze blowing through your hair on a secluded beach with stunning views of the African coastline. Costa de la Luz is known as the last paradise on Spain’s Atlantic Coast. More than 50 miles of untouched white sand beaches and turquoise waters are in. Our guides will take on exclusive horseback riding tours in Spain’s most astonishing natural parks, beaches and forests. 


When Semana Santa (Holy Week) rolls around in March or April each year, streets throughout the South of Spain, and especially Sevilla, go through a major transformation. No longer are they filled with Spanish men and women out doing their daily shopping or children kicking a soccer ball back and forth. Instead, you’ll find slow-moving somber processions winding their way through the city complete with big floats (called pasos in Spanish) carrying heavy statues, brass bands and a long line of other participants.These processions mark the celebration of Semana Santa, a weeklong festival where pasos overtake the streets, the smell of incense fills the air and every single person in Seville basically lives in the street


Bullfighting, sunshine, flowing sangria and flamenco. Those are the images that flash through your mind when you hear Spain, right? Well, bare with us for a second while we tell you that’s not all (nor even close!) to what Spain has got to offer. In fact the things we’ll be talking about here include skis, snowboards, ice skates, high snowy mountains and complete family fun.


Create Your Own Experience

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