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Destinations Beyond Andalucia

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Exclusive Sailboat Cruise – Boutique Shopping – National ParksExclusive Sailboat Cruise – Boutique Shopping – National Parks

Discover the Algarve’s unique coves and turquoise water, the narrow streets and charming hills of Lisbon, the majestic charm of Sintra.



Cultural Immersion – Palace Living – Camel RideCultural Immersion – Palace Living – Camel Ride

Discover the white sand dunes in the Sahara desert; enjoy Moorish palaces in the heart of the most vibrant cities in Northern Africa.


Northern Spain

Gourmet Spanish Cuisine – Art – Wine TastingGourmet Spanish Cuisine – Art – Wine Tasting

Immerse yourself in Northern Spain’s excellent cuisine; enjoy the delight of Guggenheim’s architecture; Get a taste of Hemmingway’s favorite wines.