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Córdoba, Spain, is a little city absolutely loaded with history and culture, offering some of Spain’s best views and experiences. Wander into the historic center and you’ll be immediately won over by this cobble-stone filled and Flamenco-laced city. Here you’ll find some parts of our exclusive tours described in a little more detail, as we showcase some of the best things to do in Córdoba.


After checking into your refurbished palace hotel in Córdoba, which is included with the Flavors of Andalucia tour, you’ll have a little bit of downtime. Take advantage of this time and wander through the judería, which is Spanish for the Jewish Quarter.  The judería is part of the historic center of Córdoba and has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. As you make your way through Córdoba’s most famous neighborhood for yourself, you’ll see exactly why. The beautiful streets are lined with colorful flowerpots that pop against the whitewashed walls, and the city’s beautifully decorated patios are all worthy of being photographed. Pair this with the narrow, cobblestone streets, and it’s a perfectly quaint combination. One of the best things to do in Córdoba is to let yourself wander and get lost in this beautiful area. Don’t miss the picturesque Callejón de las Flores, which is very close to the Mezquita.


And speaking of the Mezquita, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through this stunning mosque and see the beautiful way two cultures have melded together in this historic building. The Mezquita, which started out as a very important mosque and was a huge focal point when the Arab community Al-Andalus was thriving, was later taken over by Christians and reconstructed into a Catholic cathedral. Today you can see both cultures intertwine inside this beautiful building, truly making it a sight to see in Córdoba.  Sign up for the Colors of Andalucía tour, and you’ll discover the splendor and feel the many years of history within its walls.

You can also explore the 30,000 square meters of breathtaking Jardines del Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos by day and visit the gardens at night to watch the Espectáculo Nocturno to experience an amazing light and sound show. This amazing Arab palace has luscious green plants, whimsical fountains and sings the song of  a city once under Arab rule.

Montilla Moriles vineyard

Apart from Córdoba’s mesmerizing Mezquita and picturesque historic center, the region is also known for its stunning wines. Enjoy a refreshing glass of wine from Córdoba’s Montilla-Moriles Vineyard, the precise vineyard where you’ll be taken during the Flavors of Andalucia or the Colors of Andalucía tours. This is a unique experience and an amazing thing to do in Córdoba. Not only will you get to taste the crisp white wine coming from this region, but you’ll also be led around the entire vineyard for a private tour and learn about the delicate process to make such beautiful wine.

Finally, there’s one more important thing about Córdoba. During the month of May, there’s a festival almost every week. So if you’d like to celebrate summer like a true Cordobés, plan a trip for May, when the city’s festivals are in full swing. This is one of the best months to visit because there are so many things to do in Córdoba. First up is Cruces, followed by Los Patios and finally, La Feria de Mayo.

Let us help you discover all of the wonders Córdoba has to offer with any one of our luxury tours throughout the South of Spain. We're here to make your experience an exclusive and unforgettable one, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or concerns.